Many young people who wish to succeed in life as a singer find his or her start on youtube, and I think that is wonderful! There is no better way to start out a career then by gaining loyal fans on your own, then by being “discovered.”

I just have one problem. Those… first fans. If I watch another begining artist on youtube with a comment under it from a fan saying “When you get famous don’t forget all the little people who helped you get there!” Well shut. the. front. door. He or she is obviously not going to forget an entire chapter in their life unless something drastic happens.

But even worse then the “When you get famous…” is the “Now that your famous…” Seeing too many of these comments will surely cause an early death. “Now that your famous you’ve changed so much” or “Now that your famous you’ve forgetten about the people who helped you get there.” OR the absolute worst of them all is the “I’ve been following the artist since the begining! i knew about him (or her) since before they were popular!” WELL FANCY THAT! Surprise! You don’t actually get an award for being the most annoying person to watch this video!

Anyway. The lesson here is that it is wonderful if you support an up and coming singer or band. But please. Let’s make sure we remember that along with you, who “knew about him since before he was popular” are also the other first 500,000 people who saw him on youtube that say the same thing.. soooo… you aren’t special.


STOP with the lies!

Okay, so I’m not saying right now that you should not spay or neuter your dog or cat. I actually believe fairly strongly that you should. However, I am sick of people saying “I fixed my little Lucy to help reduce the number of homeless pets.”

You’ve. Done. Nothing.

Think about it this way. You’ve made 35 chocolate chip cookies and you see that it is a ridiculous amount and you could never eat them all. So you decide to throw away all the ingredients so you can’t make anymore. You still have 35 chocolate chip cookes!

The only way to reduce the number of “chocolate chip cookies” is to find somebody to take them, somewhere for them to go.

By all means, fix your pets. It really does help, by taking away the chance to raise that number even higher.

Just like throwing away the ingredients of the chocolate chip cookies so you can’t make more. (you know… if you have an obsessive cookie making disorder…)

Just stop telling people you reduced the number of homeless animals. The day you adopt a little dog, cat, bird, rodent, reptile… etc. is the day you can positively, without upsetting me, say that you helped to reduce the number of homeless animals.


I’m a hypocrite, I can’t deny it. You are a hypocrite too. But don’t call me one, because then we have a problem… (see?)

I wake up sometimes and I know it is going to be a long day and I’m crabby. I try not to talk to anybody when I am upset but sometimes there are unavoidable situations.

Last week I was upset and my friend said to me “Life is too short to be mad.” and I told him “Obviously it isn’t because I am. stfu.”

He kind of awkwardly laughed and left me alone… for the rest of the day.

Fast forward one week. Guess who is having a bad day? Yep. The friend talked about above. Except when he is mad he talks just as much, but snaps at people like no other. So after being snapped at a total of 3 times in the course of 30seconds I turned to him and said “Didn’t somebody tell me last week that ‘Life is too short to be mad’?”

Awkward pause. “Yes…”


Imagine this:

You are home alone watching your favorite television show curled up under a blanket. It is just reaching the exciting part of the story and BOOM… The door opens. Parents walk in. Your dog gets excited and starts jumping around making a fuss over your parents. Then they start making a fuss over you.

“Hi! How are you!? What are you watching? Oooh What’s happening?”

And you’d reply. “God damnit I wouldn’t know because I just missed 15 minutes of the show answering your questions.”

I know I should be grateful that I have parents… but can I have parents that care at the end of the show instead of the middle?


New Years 2012

New years resolutions are a joke. Let’s be serious. You made the same resolution last year to lose 20 pounds. How much do you weigh now? I bet you aren’t 20 pounds lighter.

If you can’t commit to doing something on any day, then you aren’t going to commit just because a number changed and you threw a big party.

Sure it’s possible, I’m sure somebody has quit smoking because they decided to on New Years Eve, but over all if you can’t do it on September 8th you’re not going to be able to do it on January 1st.

The Truth Sucks.

Get over it.


Let’s be honest here. I’m a big animal person. Love animals. I volunteer at dog, cat, and bird shelters.

But I’m not crazy out of my mind weird like the 60 year old lady down the block who can be seen talking to cats, and throwing birthday parties for each and every one of them, even though there are probably more in her house then the rest of the neighborhood has combined. No, I wouldn’t consider myself that kind of crazy.

I like to base most of the way I treat animals off of facts. Not the belief that my dog cares that he was born 365 days ago and that today is his first birthday, or that he is a human baby. Nope… He is definatly a dog.

I’ve never seen a human baby lick his balls before.

I’m not your typical crazy animal lady.